Coffee Table

I built a coffee table for my basement.


Here is a picture of the final product with the glass installed. Underneath the glass, I build 96 boxes

And inside each box I put LEDs lights. The different color LEDs in each box can be blended to produce millions of different colors.

When the table’s USB cord is plugged into a computer you can control all of the lights. For instance, you can scroll text across the table.

You can also use the computer to change the patterns on the table, and even play games

One more video, highlighting my beverage…

Lastly, a picture of the guts

Each of the 6 rows of the table is driven by a TLC5940. The red, green and blue channels of each LED are multiplexed to cut down on both wiring and the number of TLCs. An arduino Mega feeds the TLCs with random colors until a computer sends it data over USB. The computer sends the arduino 4-byte sentences. First, the address of the cube followed by red, green and blue values. The code running on the arduino can be found here. Thanks goes out to acleone for creating the Arduino – TLC5940 library.

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