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(Technically an LED) Chandelier

I recently built a chandelier for a friend. There aren’t any “smarts” on this project, but technically it’s an LED light. The beam is made from three 2x6s that I purchased at a local reclaimed-wood shop. I bound them together by wrapping them in a flat piece of steel that is bolted at the top…

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Ambilight with WiFi on ESP8266

TL;DR I built an Ambilight clone that listens for MQTT messages over WiFi when it’s not receiving serial data. This allows it to be controlled by Home Assistant and vicariously the Google Assistant. The code lives at Board Swap My first Ambilight clone served me quite well. I started with a system like the one…

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Vizio SmartCast Node.js API

I have begun work on a Node.js module to interact with Vizio’s SmartCast devices. Please report issues on the GitHub issues page. NPM: GitHub:  Made possibly by the reference guide here:…

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