Home Automation Dashboard



I recently put together this Home Automation Dashboard. The screen was pulled from an old laptop and the computer is an older SFF PC running linux. The application is a relatively simple Angular application that streams most of the data from a Home Assistant websocket.

Wall-Mounted, Recycled Laptop Screen

The PC sits in a box in the wall. On the back side I added an access panel.

Access Panel


Data Access



  • home.component.ts is the only page component implemented as of this writing. For the most part, it takes the various rxjs streams and renders their events to the display as they arrive by utilizing the async pipe.
  • The layout relies heavily on Angular Material as well as High Charts.

The application is not configurable; it’s custom-build for my purpose, but nonetheless, sharing is caring.

Source Code: https://github.com/heathbar/home-automation-dashboard

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