More LED Furniture

I built two pieces of furniture recently.

AV Table

First is a new AV cabinet for my home theater.

First, I selected several species of wood and cut them down to the same size.

Ash, Bubinga, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Padauk, Walnut & Zebrawood

Next came the puzzle of laying out the pieces.

Testing the Layout

The ends of the slab were cut off at 45° to make the side walls while ensuring the species and grain of each piece matched up.


And finally, LEDs were added.

Snack Shelf

The second project was a small shelf.

On top, a piece of acrylic is etched and backlit

All together now…

The Tech

Both pieces have a NodeMCU controller running WS2812 LED strips. The controller is programmed with an Arduino sketch to accept instructions over MQTT. I use Home Assistant to automate and control the lights.

Source code for the various pieces can be found here:

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