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  1. Rehan Lakhani

    Hi Heath,

    I was just starting to build an app, and I noticed you have created something similar to what I am trying to build. What I don’t understand is how do you use the TVDB API Key, and where do you use it. If you could explain to me how you use it that would be great.



    • heathbar

      Rehan, you use the API key as part of the URL when you access site. This wiki page explains how to build your URLs.

      Here is the short version: to perform a search for a show, you actually don’t need an API key. You simply have your app go to http://thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=%5Bseriesname%5D, substituting the name of the show you’re searching for. That will return a list of shows that matched your query along with the series id of each show. If there is more than one show returned, you’ll need to have your user pick a show. When they select a show, you’ll need to use the show’s series id as part of the URL to get more information about the show. The URL you’ll use looks like this: http://thetvdb.com/api/%5Bput-your-api-key-here%5D/series/%5Bseries-id%5D/en.xml

      Does this help?

  2. Hans Albertsson

    Too bad you stopped developing this tvdb app.
    I’m using v 0.6.something, and it’s pure luck I kept an apk around in my phone.

    It’s the only useful tvdb app I’ve come across so far, as it adds the sorting that’s missing on the tvdb site itself and refrains from assuming I want help with anything beyond information about shows and series.

    It does have a few minor bugs, though.
    It still works on Oreo 8.0… 🙂

    • Heath

      That’s amazing! Google took the app down due to copywrite violation or something like that. I appreciate and respect thetvdb so I didn’t resist.

      • Hans Albertsson

        I found a hidden v 0.8 which still has one minor flaw.

        Is your git repo complete for this app? So I could play with it a bit?

        One way to get it back into circ could be to give it to thetvdb and ask them to maintain it.

        • Heath

          As far as I know, my github has the latest code. I think a PWA would be a better use of resources for thetvdb folks, but if they are interested, and that ancient code is helpful, it’s okay with me!

  3. Hans Albertsson

    Did you not want any comments on the Tvdb app?

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