TLC5940 library for chipKIT

As part of ourĀ keyboard project, a friend and I set out to develop a library for the chipKIT to communicate with the TLC5940 LED Driver. The chipKIT, if you’re not familiar, is a 32-bit arduino clone that runs on the PIC32MX family of processors. While Digilent, the company behind the chipKIT, has done a great job of making the chipKIT virtually interchangeable with existing arduinos, the underlying architecture of the two boards is significantly different. The existing arduino library was written specifically for the ATMega chips that lie at the core of all arduinos. This code had to be entirely rewritten for the PIC32MX chip that drives the chipKIT.

I’m happy to announce that we have released an alpha/beta (it’s a little blurry at this point). You can check out the library from ourĀ github page. If you are using the chipKIT MAX32, you’ll want to see this post for differences in wiring. We are tracking issues on github, and there has also been some conversation on the chipKIT forums.

And now the fun stuff…

One thought on “TLC5940 library for chipKIT

  1. jason dangel

    Just wanted to let you know I tested your library on a uC32 and it works.

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