Move Steam Library on Linux

I installed the Steam Beta on a PC with a 36GB os partition which doesn’t leave much room for games. I spent some time trying to translate windows tutorials to linux before I realized how stupidly simple the solution is.

1. By default, Steam creates a folder in your home directory named Steam. Move this folder to the new location.

mv ~/Steam /mnt/media

2. Create a symlink

ln -s /mnt/media/Steam ~/Steam

If you haven’t heard yet, you don’t have to be invited to participate in the beta.

9 thoughts on “Move Steam Library on Linux

  1. axy_david

    axy_david@ubuntu:~$ mv ~/Steam /media/16GB
    mv: `/media/16GB/Steam’ and `/media/16GB/Steam’ are the same file
    axy_david@ubuntu:~$ ln -s /media/16GB/Steam ~/Steam
    ln: failed to create symbolic link `/media/16GB/Steam’: File exists

    • heathbar

      You have to move the files before you create the symlink. It seems like you created the symlink first. By default, Steam creates the folder ~/Steam so you want to move that folder to another disk somewhere. If it’s easier for you, you could cut & paste the Steam folder to the new HDD using the file browser. Once you have moved the Steam folder to another HDD, create a symlink named “Steam” in your home folder that links to where ever you moved the original folder to.

  2. Sean

    Cheers, good simple tip.

  3. pyronaut

    I’m a complete linux noob, running Xubuntu. I wrote the 1st line in the terminal and got

    “mv: cannot stat ` /home/user/Steam’ : No such file or directory”

    • heathbar

      You must replace “user” with your username. Also, is steam installed? Do you have a folder named “Steam” in your home folder?

  4. stef

    “couldn’t find steam directory, did you move it?”

    So I choose the NTFS-formatted folder where i moved it to, but Steam won’t accept it. Anything I can do, or a common bug?

    • heathbar

      You need to create the symlink. You’ll have to modify the second command appropriately–just running the command as-is won’t work. At the terminal type:

      ln -s /put/the/path/to/where/you/moved/your/steam/folder/here ~/Steam

      When you open your home folder, you should see a folder named Steam. If you open it, it should contain all of your games files.

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    where can i do it please help out.

    • heathbar

      There is a subscribe button at the top right.

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