Multiplank in elementary OS Loki

I have updated my multiplank tool to work with Loki. Thanks to some improvements in plank, multiplank is now more efficient by only needing to run a single instance of plank.

The installation/usage instructions have not changed from the original post.

6 thoughts on “Multiplank in elementary OS Loki

  1. Jacob Cantele

    Hey Heath! Thank you for this amazing tool.

    I seem to be having a few random crashes of Plank when I’m using it. Are there any logs I can pull to find the source of the issue, and troubleshoot it?

    • Heath

      There aren’t any logs, other than stdout. You could disable the service, then run the command manually from the command line and watch for errors.

  2. Rhanyel Rodrigues

    Heath Paddock has since release an application called multiplank that does the configuration automatically.

    To install the app from his PPA:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:heathbar/multiplank
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install multiplank

    Once installed, enable multiplank by issuing the following command:

    multiplank -e

    And to disable:

    multiplank -d

  3. Ronald Quishpe

    Hey! It’s a great tool thank you. Saddly I recently update to Elementary Juno. It’s supported?

    • Rhanyel Rodrigues

      It’s dn’t supported on Juno.. I recommend make downgrade to Elementary Loki because Juno version still have very bugs and are unstable. But it’s just my opinion

    • Rhanyel Rodrigues

      Anyway I find **autoplank** that has the same functionality and works fine on Juno, but don’t is so good as **multiplank**:

      #Install autoplank (to display plank dock in multiple screens)

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