3 thoughts on “Vizio SmartCast Node.js API

  1. John

    Hey Heath – Came across your work on this Vizio JS package through Exiva’s Vizio API documentation. Noticed you appear to be an OH2 user based on your post about Alexa.

    Have you had any thoughts on converting this to an OH2 binding?

    I would love to take a swing at it, but am not much of a dev guy beyond some extremely simple JS. So I would probably be old and gray before I got it working!


  2. John

    Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate comment! If it is, please feel free to delete this!

    Came across your work on SmartCast API from Exiva’s work on GitHub. Nicely done! Found your site after that and saw your mention of OpenHAB2 and Alexa.

    Have you put any thought into creating a binding in OH2 for this Vizio SmartCast JS module?

    I know OH2 bindings are written in Java, so would be a bit different for sure.

    I would love to tackle it myself, however, my dev skills are limited to extremely basic JS and some HTML… So would probably take me a few years to get it right 🙂


    • Heath

      Nope, I’m currently using Home Assistant.

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